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I am a Block Captain and Tree Tender with a question about a tree on my block.

It is in poor health. Portions of the tree have dead branches and it appears thin. It is 2 1/2 stories tall and branches extend within the width of 2 row houses. Is there anything that we can feed the tree to strengthen it?
Four trees have been removes on the block within the pass five years due to weather damage or the tree was dying.
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Dear Ruth:  Since trees have been dying nearby, I suspect that all the trees are suffering from the  problems of living in city conditions with limited water, air pollution, trunk damage etc.etc.---problems you ,as a Tree Tender , know too much about already! You probably should call a professional tree person to check for diseases, girdling roots etc. and have him recommend a fertilizer once we know there isn't another underlying cause, if he thinks lack of nutrients is the issue.   Sometimes the problems with a tree are not related to lack of food and adding fertilizer does not help.  A  tree person can help after seeing the tree.     

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