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Why are there no discounts for senior citizens on limited income for the Flower Show?

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2018  |  177 Views

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We are not able to offer discounts to the Flower Show because it is a fundraiser for our work. The proceeds from the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, as well as donations from foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals, support PHS programs and initiatives, including Plant One Million, a multi-state tree-planting campaign, and City Harvest, which grows fresh produce for more than 1,200 families in need each week.

We hope that you can connect with us at future shows or through other PHS programs. We appreciate any way that you can join our mission. 

You can help support our mission, which is to motivate people to improve quality of life and create a sense of community through horticulture through other free and less expensive events and by volunteering, details below:

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