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Is there any way to get photos of the major attractions from past Flower shows?

It seems no matter what camera I use I never get good pictures. I am a former member
Last Updated: Mar 05, 2015  |  14 Views

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For many years, visitors could purchase photos from Ritz Camera, which had a concession on the floor. They are no longer part of the Show and I must agree with you, I miss seeing professionally shot views of the exhibits. Today, most visitors use their phones to shoot, with mixed results.

That said, if you do a google image search of 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show, for example, you will get some good images, but they are often poorly labelled. You can wade through flickr and pinterest and even go  through our own facebook entries here.

This pinterest collection is good, and often the images at least have the years included in the captions.

Contact me post-Show and I can supply you with images of some of the central features or entry gardens from past years.

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