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What trees are counted toward the Plant One Million goal?

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2012  |  43 Views

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Any tree planted after January 01, 2011 in the 13 counties listed here qualify as Plant One Million trees.

The primary partners are developing a comprehensive accounting methodology to determine what trees will count toward the Plant One Million goal.We started counting with the spring 2011 planting season (everything from Jan. 1 forward). Each planting season beginning with this one, PHS will work with partners across the region to tally up the different types or categories of plantings. Here are a few examples of the categories we’re collecting for Plant One Million:

• Street, Park and Yard community-based bare root trees

• Parks and other public landscape trees

• TreeVitalize plantings

• Programs (ex: “A Tree in Every Yard” program)

• Sales at regional garden centers and retailers – Meadowbrook Farm, for example

• Riparian plantings (A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream)

• Plantings by community groups/nonprofits

• Self-reported plantings via

We plan to release comprehensive counts – adding those day-to-day numbers in with all of the other counts noted above – after each planting season. Plant One Million Progress Reports will be available in July (for spring) and December (for fall).


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