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Kerria japonica picta

I saw this plant at Meijer Gardens last year and it looked lovely in a shady spot. But, I have not had luck finding it from our nurseries in York. Might you know any sources for this plant?

Thank you for your help.
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015  |  21 Views

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Dear Charles:  I was surprised when I searched online for this Kerria that I did not find many sources.  There was a reference on ebay however that you might look into.  Also there is a mail order nursery, Lazy S's Nursery in Virginia that has the plant.  If you Google the nursery name, you will find the nursery. Then type in the name of the plant and its availability will appear.  It was the only nursery I found carrying the plant!  My local nursery has carried the plant in previous years, so you might also check your local nurseries to see if they will have the plant this spring.  I wish you successful growing!!!

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