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Could you suggest ground cover plants for a project in Philadelphia?

I am a student pursuing my Master in Sustainable Design from Philadelphia University. For my thesis, I am proposing for the design of a biophilic retirement community. The site is along the Delaware river on S Columbus Boulevard beside Walmart. For an open space that could be used for people to hang around or organize parties, I am looking for ground cover that is native to Philadelphia. It should also be able to take foot traffic i.e. people should be able to walk over it. This spot is to the south of the site and would be partly shaded and partly sunny. It is intended to be a dry area. Could you please give me some suggestions?
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The most common ground covers in this area are ivy, Vinca minor, and Ajuga reptans, as well as grass. Your selection would depend on sun/shade ratio, the amount of foot traffic, the length of time needed to become well established. If you google groundcovers in Philadelphia you can find a world of information 

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