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Do you have any info on growing horseradish (Armoracia rusticana)?

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016  |  18 Views
Topics: Perennials

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Dear Gardener:  Horseradish is a tough perennial that thrives in full sun, but can tolerate a little shade.  It is not picky about the soil it grows in as long as it is not consistently water logged.  When picking a place for the plant, select a site where it can be permanently as it does not like being moved.  If you are setting out a root cutting, usually one plant per family is enough.  If it is a root cutting meant to be planted, just plant it at an angle with the top of the cutting 2" below the soil surface. If you are using a root from the farmer's market that is meant also for sauce, cut off the top third for the sauce and use the bottom 2/3 for the plant.

The plants are quite carefree, except that you might want to water if there is a prolonged dryspell to keep it looking better.

To harvest the horseradish, remove the root, harvest the main root for the kitchen and then replant a side root--or as many as you need. 

To control spread of the plant, remove the entire root, including its many branches.  Replant only the number of roots you need for new plants.  Also. roots placed in the compost pile may form new plants where you dont expect them!!

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