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When should we time liming of our lawn? The last time it was applied was Dec 2013.

I live in a condo association and am trying to help the assoc. decide the value of applying lime. The cost is quite high. Lime was applied in Dec-2013. Do we really need it now? Our landscaper is recommending two applications 6-mos apart.

Any advice you can give will be appreciated! Thank you!
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The best way to determine whether you need to lime your lawn is to conduct a soil test. Cooperative Extension in your County offers soil tests at a moderate cost . The results of the test will indicate whether you need to lime the soil and how much to use. If you did it in Dec 2013, it is unlikely that you need to do it again this soon. Lime takes a long tme to become effective. The soil test will also indicate whether the lawn needs fertilizer and how much.

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