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Does PHS have a traveling speaker's bureau

We are always looking for new speakers for our meetings. Our club averages about 50 members per meeting. We are looking into collaborating with the other garden clubs to hold a large seminar annually. If you have suggested speakers and their fee requirements, I would appreciate a listing. We are about 90 min. from Phila.
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While we do not have a formal Speaker's Bureau, we do have a list of speakers on horticultural and related topics.

This information has been compiled in response to requests for a list of individuals to contact for speaking engagements in the DelawareValley region.

The list is available to members of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, garden clubs and the general public. Speakers will provide details of their presentations, as well as their fees, and may also let you know of additional topics they speak on that are not listed here.

Inclusion in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Societyand is intended only to provide information to help you make your  choices.

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