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What school or education programs are there for Philadelphia schools at PHS?

I am a teacher at a Philadelphia school. What outreach programs do you have for a k-4 ?
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PHS doesn’t send staff out schools. However, there are a variety of resources you may be able to utilize at PHS for your school.

The Green City Teachers training program is designed to provide educators with the skills necessary to integrate horticultural and environmental education into curricula, after-school programs and service-learning projects, and to help students appreciate the role of nature in their lives. See link to Green City Teachers, below:

There are a lot of other educational programs at PHS you can also attend by registering here:

PHS provides teachers with a Tool Kit that will enable them to host a Junior Flower Show within their school.  PHS will plan the theme for the Show, generate booklets with artistic, horticultural classes as well as classroom projects, provide entry tags, ribbons, etc.

Another advantage to taking the Junior Flower Show on the road is that each school can select the date to host the Show…. a date that works with the school calendar. This can be a date in conjunction with a Back to School night/School play, music recital, end of year assembly, etc. 

See the Junior Flower Show information page on our web site, link here:

And finally, I want to draw your attention to the wealth of online information we have for gardening with children. We’ve created several online subject guides to this topic, featuring “best of” information including books, websites and sample curricula for gardening with children. Explore these subject guides here by clicking on the link below.

Subject Guides: Gardening With Children

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