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Wind damage to leaves of a Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry (Prunus spp. 'Snofozam')

Purchased a snow fountain weeping cherry. The tree was not wrapped and we tracked over 50 miles. The leaves became wind burnt died and fell off. The tree appeared dead. I discoverd new growth at the base of the trunk. Does this mean the tree will recover and new leaves will return in the spring?
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Yes, I think the tree will recover. I hope, however, that the damage did not destroy the graft of the Snow Fountain, and what is recovering is the root stock of the tree onto which the Snow Fountain was grafted.   Here are some things that you may want to do to help the recovery process:

  • Examine the tree for any dead, diseased or damaged branches. Dead branches are dry and brittle and lack foliage during the growing season. Broken branches or those that are rubbing against each other and wearing away bark need to be removed. Make pruning cuts 1/4 inch above a branch junction, leaf or dormant bud.
  • Stand back and look at the overall uniformity and shape of the weeping cherry. Trim away any errant branches to ensure the tree looks balanced. Consider removing some branches if a side is particularly "heavy" or dense with branches, as they may be shading each other from light and not permitting wind to readily pass through the tree's canopy. Overly dense branching can put more strain on roots on windy days or in a storm. Strive for 2-inch spacing between main weeping branches at the top of the plant.
  • Be careful not to  damage the trunk, especially near where the Snow Fountain plant was fused onto the trunk of the rootstock tree.

It's worth a try.  I hope this helps.

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