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Can you help me ID a street tree I see planted on the 1800 block of Arch street, Philadelphia, north side?

It's got an interesting bark and pinnate leaves. It's on the north side of the street and I've seen it elsewhere in Center City, Philadelphia, grown as a street tree.
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The tree is a honey locust, Gleditsia triacanthos. See images.

Here's how we figured this out:

I searched PhillyTreeMap, which allows you to search by address. Since you weren't sure of the exact street address, I plugged in 1801 Arch Street, Philadelphia in the address box. This generated a map view of the 1800 block of Arch Street with 5 tree icons on the north side of the street, revealing 2 species, Callery pear and honey locust. Since the tree you are identifying has pinnate leaves (resembling a feather) and interesting bark, the tree is the honey locust. Honey Locusts are common street trees in Philadelphia.

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