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What to do about doves nesting in herb planter?

Doves nested in one end of my herb planter (outside of my apartment window).
Is it safe to eat the herbs which look healthy? What if I dry them first?

And recently, one of the fledged young has returned and the mother is keeping it warm and staying with it.
Maybe a problem with mites?

When they have left, is there anything special I need to do to clean the planter?

How do I prevent the doves from returning to that planter?
I was thinking of getting a second planter to devote to doves next year.
If the two planters are kept a foot apart would my herbs be OK to eat?
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Please consider what the doves have been eating which may not be good to be absorbed by the herbs.  If you really want to keep the herbs, wash off all soil from the roots, replant with new soil, and wait a couple of weeks before eating them. 

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