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Can you recommend a flowering fast-growing tree or shrub (possibly crapemyrtle) in the Hershey, Pennsylvania area?

like to plant a fast growing tree preferably flowering. What do you recommend?
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Crapemyrtle may not be hardy in Hershey as far north as Hershey.  They are more of a southern tree.  Had you thought of a native tree ? Oxydendrum arboreum.  It is hardy and has many other good atributes with an interesting blossom. Starts to bloom late summer.   Flowering PLUMS with purple foliage (not pear) bloom in the spring and keep their color quite well into the summer. Also check out river birch (Betula nigra no real bloom but great bark).  Cornus kousa (Japanese dogwood), Kwanzan cherry (large double blossoms in spring).

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