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I have three Syringa 'Sensation'. They were planted (by professional gardeners) this past spring.

None of them are doing particularly well - not a lot of new growth, no blooms, tips of leaves turned brown right away - but one is really looking like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. All have the same sun exposure, watering, etc. Any advice? Thank you.
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Dear Gardener:  It sounds like the Syringa are suffering from being newly planted in the spring (called transplant shock) and then were followed by a hot, dry summer.  I am not surprised that they did not bloom as they may be young.  I suspect that they will do better next year after they have settled in.  They should produce new growth, but maybe not flowers as they clearly were stressed this year.  Be sure that they are well watered before the ground freezes this winter (usually around Christmas) and that they remain well watered next spring and summer.  The plants have to settle in and spread their roots, then you will see flowers and lush new growth.  

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