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I have a gorgeous tree against my house that is our favorite. It looks like its experiencing some disease.

If we can't save it from the white appearing on the branch bark, we want to replace it with the same thing. We need to know what kind of tree it is. Can you please help us? It resembles a cherry but has leaves that are often burgandy/coppery colored and the bark is magnificent and darkens a little as well. We get a magnificent full pink flower blossoms all over the tree. I haven't noticed any berries at all, but it does resemble a plum tree as well.
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If the pink flowers hang in clusters and the trunk has horizontal lenticels (lines) it is probably a Kwansan cherry. If the tree is fairly small in stature and has very small flowers it could be a plum. The best way to tell is to take photos to identify, look at tree books and or other photos to compare the leaf and flower structures.

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