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I saw a thick group of flowers in the Azalea Garden, about 4 ft high, visible from Kelly Drive.

They are blooming in November with white flowers which have yellow centers, and lots of buds. It seems to have a geranium-like growth habit, but the flowers are simpler than geraniums. Could you tell me the name of this plant? It is very beautiful, and I would like to get one.
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We checked in with our staff who manage this garden. The plant you saw is an Anenome (sometimes called a windflower). It is an herbaceous perennial. There are many different cultivars in all different colors and sizes.  The one in the Azalea Garden is

 Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'. It is a late season bloomer, generally blooming August - October. Learn more.

Anothother outstanding one is Anemone 'September Charm' and is available at many garden centers.

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