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How do I enter a plant in the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show?

Hello! I am just an amateur, but I have a few lovely plants and a terrarium that I would love to enter into the flower show. I was wondering if that would ever be a possibility and how I would go about doing it.

Thank you!
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2016  |  71 Views

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Each September, we publish the Exhibitors Guide for the next year's Flower show.

It is on this page of the Flower Show web site.

Download and read the Guide, to get an idea of what kinds of plants you can enter and how to prepare your plants.

This month, we are having workshops on how to enter plants in the Show.

See calendar listings here

Attending the workshop is not mandatory, but you will get your questions answered there.

If, after reading the Guide, you have a question, email

Hope this helps and thanks for your interest in participating in the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.

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