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Unstable jade plant

Well, speaking of being unstable, it fell over yesterday, hence the question. But,,,it has not been that stable for quite a while. Soooo, still, same advice? Thanks for answering me. Polly
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016  |  40 Views
Topics: Houseplants

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This sounds as if it's a very large plant if it's in a 21 inch pot, and it is unstable and fell over.  It's probably beautiful, too.  I know how you feel about a plant that you have had for so long, and you don't wish to continue to cut it back.  You also say you think  it's running out of growth room.  The most logical answer, then, is to repot it, maybe into a slightly wider and deeper pot, using enough soil to set it into to provide the stability it needs. Good luck.     

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