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Is there a way to get a tree planted in front of my business? The one that is there is dead.

I'd like to have the dead tree removed and replaced?
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2016  |  20 Views

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I’m sorry to hear about the dead tree.  Removal of the tree is the responsibility of the homeowner and the City’s Parks and  Rec. Dept. Use this link to request a tree removal through the Parks and Rec department . If the city does remove your tree they  most likely will replace it.

 If your business is in a neighborhood with a Tree Tenders group and  you hire an independent arborist for your tree’s removal - you can find one at  you can submit for a replacement through our program.  First step for that would be to let us know where your business is located so we can see if we have a Tree Tenders group there, the next planting cycle we are accepting applications for is the Fall of 2016.  

Hope this is helpful.

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