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What is the best way to get to the flower show taking the high speed line from New Jersey?

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2016  |  52 Views

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PATCO trains run 24 hours a day from New Jersey to Philadelphia. Once in Philadelphia, exit at 8th Street & Market Streets, walk to street level  and walk west on Market Street and north to Arch Street to enter at 12th & Arch Convention Center entrance OR stay on Market Street and enter the Convention Center via Aramark Tower at 11th & Market. Follow signs to the Flower Show.

Due to construction at The Gallery, you won't be able to walk underground all the way from 8th and Market to Aramark Tower as you could have done in past years.

If walking that distance is too long, you'll need to switch from PATCO line  to SEPTA line at 8th and Market to take the Market-Frankford line  to 11th street. At 11th Street, head toward the Aramark Tower/Jefferson station and follow signs to the Flower Show.

PATCO website here

Hope this helps and enjoy the Show!

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