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How much grass seed do I need for a 90 foot by 90 foot yard

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016  |  23 Views

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Dear Gardener:  I wish there was an easy answer for you, however, there is a variety of grasses availbable in the garden centers.  Each grass and each grass mix will vary greatly in how much to apply.   Also, the amount varies by whether you are starting a new lawn or reseeding.  It is best to buy your grass seed from a local garden center as they will most likely be carrying seed and/or seed mix appropriate to your area.   Since the rate depends on the seed or the mix, use the gauges given on the box.   The gauge will likely say something like 1 pound for every 350 --  500 square feet.   If you are starting a new lawn, use the higher number, the lower number if you are reseeding.  Since your property is 90x90, you have 1800 square feet.

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