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How do I get rid of or reduce the root knot nematodes that are in my garden?

I have a small garden plot in an organic community garden.
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016  |  21 Views
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Jeremy, So sorry to hear about your root knot nematodes.  I gather that these aren't raised beds, where the soil can be replaced. The best thing initially to rid your part of the garden of nematodes is the hot soil treatment.  It is a little early to start it now, but toward Memorial Day, with a slightly moist soil, cover it with black plastic so that the sun's rays heat it up and hopefully kill the nematodes.  After about 10 really hot days you can turn the soil again, reapply the plastic and so forth for most of the summer.  Then next year plant marigolds in among the resistant plants, such as corn, onions, strawberries, and VFNT (or at least the N in the type) tomatoes of Better Boy, Goliath, Parks Whopper, Celebrity, cherry tomato sweet mission, and peppers Carolina wonder and Charleston bell. Best of luck with this.  ep

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