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How can we save our palm plant?

In January, my office was put in charge of recovering a browning palm plant. Since then we have moved it to a larger pot and made sure it has water regularly. We even put it outside during the days when it was over 70 degrees. However, it is still brown, with only a bit of green at the ends of the fronds. Is there anything more we can do to try to save the palm? Thanks, in advance, for any advice.
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Caroline, when you repotted it did you check the roots for any rot and remove them back to healthy parts, remove all soil (go get rid of any potentially bad pathogens), and replant it in Miracle Gro soil for house plants?  Also be sure it doesn't sit in water after it has been watered.  Only allow it to dry out down to your second index finger knuckle, but be sure the soil drains well.  It may have a vascular problem and those can't be cured in which case it will die slowly.  Don't feel guilty!  Best of luck.  ep

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