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Two weeks ago I bought minature ferns and plants at a booth and want to buy more but I am long distance. And I don't know the name of the booth

And I don't know the name of the booth where I bought the miniatures. How can I find out who they are and contact the sellers?
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I checked in with one of our terrific Marketplace Information Booth volunteers who gave this reply:

It could be City Planter, booth 201 or Sandstone Gardens, booth 600. I hope that helps.

City Planter

Booth 201

Planters, Plants, Living Walls, Terrariums & Air Plants


Sandstone Gardens

Booth 600

Statuary: Fountains, Tables, Benches, Bird Baths, Gazebos, Urns, Planters, Wrought Iron: Gazebos, Topiary Frames, Baskets, Wall Plaques, Ceramic: Figures, Planters, Pottery & Assorted Garden & Home Accessories


If these are not the vendors,go to the Marketplace page on the show website. There is a searchable database of all of the vendors.

Narrow your search for the vendor by using keywords. Unfortunately, when I tried to search on "ferns" (without quotes) nothing turned up - it's too specific. If you search by "plants" you will get lots of hits. But try searching on "plants" in any case and then look at the results.

Should none of these vendors be the one you are looking for, try Googling miniature ferns - you may be able to find a good source online.

Hope this helps!

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