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I found an interesting plant by the Pennypack Watershed (PERT) and I am looking for its name!

I have a photo of it that I would be happy to attach in an email as it seems I cannot embed it directly here. Any information you could share is greatly appreciated, thanks!
Each flower has 5 yellow petals with a pinkish/maroon center, attached to a long vertical stalk.
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Yours is a frequently asked question, which you can find in this database by searching on "photo ID." You can send photos by email to Ask A Gardener :  We are assuming you just have one or two plants to id, not an extensive list.

Please also know that it is sometimes difficult to give a positive identification from a photo.

Please keep each image under 1 MB in size and send as an attachedment to the askagarderner email. You can also upload it on a Flickr or other photo account and send the link to it. Include the following information for each photo (this information is adapted from instructions found on the University of Maryland Extension service web site)

  • Growing conditions (full sun, part shade, shade, windy, salt spray, etc.). Is it a houseplant? or are you growing it outside?

Photos (jpg file less than 1MB and in focus)

  • Tree and shrub photos should include a 12-24” branch with leaves, flowers, fruit or seed pods  as well as a photo of entire plant, if possible.
  • Flowers, weeds, and other herbaceous plant photos should show entire plant, preferably with flowers or seed heads.
  • Descriptions should include size and source (if known) of plant; color, aroma, and time of flowering; fruit, cone, etc.

Hope this helps!

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