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How can I start my own garden

I am extremely interested in starting to grow things be it vegetables or flowers, really does not matter to me, just the act of growing is what I am interested in. I have very limited outdoor space living in West Philadelphia (since even potted plants could get stolen) so indoor smaller sized gardening would be best to start. Where can I start? Budget does not really matter to me. Just want to get into gardening. Let me know!
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Consider joining PHS where you will have access to a terrific library on all things gardening. Members can take out the books or access them online. We have information here on growing plants indoors.

We produce

Subject Guides on all aspects of gardening. See the "beginners" section.


Urban Gardener: Gardening in Small Spaces

Philadelphia Gardening Guide

This guide lists many organizations in the area where you can learn about gardening, including PHS.

Hope this helps!


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