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Need climbing plant for trellis..Ivy??

I'm looking for a climbing plant to grow on a trellis on the rear of our rowhouse in Philly. This wall gets plenty of sun. The plants will have to be in containers. Ideally I'm looking for an evergreen but my concern with Ivy is that I don't want it to damage the aluminum siding, hence my use of a trellis. Will Ivy grow well on a trellis? Will it get 'through" the trellis and start attaching to the siding? Any other suggestions? If there are no evergreens that will work I'm open to others. Also what size containers am I going to need?

Thanks for all the help!
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Ivy will grow through your trellis and attach to the siding. If you have a lot of sun consider planting a blue holly shrub. They are evergreen and grow 8 to 10' high and wide but can be pruned to be narrower and  shorter. You can buy a small (young) one and prune it to the size and shape that you like. The females will produce red berries if there is a male nearby for pollination, but the male hollies don't produce berries. Ilex `Blue Girl' or `Blue Princess' in the blue series or `China Girl' are good ones to buy.

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