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Is there an archive of major exhibit pictures from past flower shows?

I'm looking for pics from 1983-1990. An exhibit of stone steps down a steep hill side to a small table, wine glasses, pearls on the table, man's coat on the back of a chair, high heels next to another chair. Image would have great sentimental value if I could see it again.
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To begin to try to answer this query, I can direct you to one of our most frequently asked questions,

"What are the Philadelphia Flower Show Themes of past years?"

Click on this question and scroll down to look at the answer. You will see that the years 1983 - 1990 are linked to our Show programs from those years. You can read these programs online, and look for the pages that have descriptions of the major exhibitors' exhibits. If you see one that looks like it might be the exhibit you are thinking of, let me know and I'll see if we have photos of it.

If nothing else, I hope reading over the programs will bring back some wonderful memories of past Shows.

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