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Blue Fern Disaster !!

I bought a Blue Fern from PHS 2 years ago and this weekend, the 4 fronts that were connected to the last "paw" broke off. Can I save this piece/propagate this piece of fern and HOW?
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016  |  20 Views
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You asked about saving a "blue fern" that has lost its fronds. There are a couple of blue ferns that need to be grown in the house because they are not hardy. It sounds like you lost the fronds that broke off. The rhizomes should send up new fronds if they are healthy. Dig them up and see if they are not dried out. If they look healthy repot them and keep them watered. Do not cover them with soil. The tops should be at ground level. If they send up new fronds, treat them to some fertilizer like Miracle Grow.

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