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how can i grow sweeter tomatoes?

I use compost and worm castings on my plants and have tried bonemeal. I've even chosen varieties labeled sweet, but my tomatoes still lack flavor and sweetness. I rarely water after plants are established because the plants look green and healthy.
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Growing tomatoes that are flavorful and sweet starts with picking known varieties that have a reputation and planting them in soil that is suited for growing tomtoes. You can experiment but it takes a number of years before you get the formula rught. I suggest starting with a soil test for tomatoes. Cooperative Extension in your county sells them for around $10 and will help you with taking the sample. They like a ph of around 6.5. If you are substantially higher or lower, you may not get the flavor you desire. Then there are a number of other factors that come into play. The results of the soil test will tell with what to augment your soil.

Good luck!

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