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What are good options for deciduous street trees in suburban Philly. Does Treevitalize have free/discounted tree programs outside Philly?

full sun. small green space between sidewalk and street, would like to plant 2-3 along 50 foot sidewalk
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Selecting trees for planting in the small space between the street and sidewalk is a challenge. In addition to urban stresses, often there are overhead wires that restrict the size of the trees selected. Three selected by Tree Tenders are crabapple 'Spring Snow', Hawthorne 'Winter King', and Hedge Maple.

See list of recommended street trees for Philadelphia

Note that they are arrange by size of tree. Your municipality or county may also have a list of recommended trees -  they may be on your municipality's website.

Are you asking about TreeVitalize or Tree Tenders? (we do Tree Tenders program).

TreeVitalize website is here.

Tree Tenders info is here.

Hope this helps!

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