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I have 3 different types of hydrangeas and none of them bloomed this year.

I left on all the old growth and watered well in the spring but not one bloom. can you help?
Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016  |  33 Views
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Different hydrangeas require different treatments, for instance Hydrangea macrophylla hydrangeas bloom on old wood. Each year new shoots come up from the crown and have no new side branches. The following year they produce flowers both from terminal buds and from side shoots that grow during that summer. The flowers are on new wood that comes from year-old wood. In the future, prune only the stems that have side branches as those without them will produce flowers the following year. Leaving the branches whole encourages both food production this year and larger flowers next year. It sounds like you removed the wrong branches. Also, make sure they are getting some dappled sunlight. They wilt in the noonday sun but bloom less in too much shade. 

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