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I have an indoor Alocasia plant which has been doing well for several months.

However, recently I've noticed loss of color in some of the leaves with some having an almost white appearance. I'm worried - is this fungus? If so, how do I treat it? Do I need to worry about it affecting other indoor plants?
I keep the plant's soil moist but haven't been doing a good job draining it. The plant is otherwise doing well and actually flowered this week - does flowering indicate a plant is healthy? I have not pruned back older leaves - could the white leaves just be older? I've googled alocasia care but haven't found anything useful. Suggestions on books would be great too!
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It is necessary to make sure the plant is not sitting in any water.  It is possible that some of the leaves are rotting.  Remove the leaves because they will not recover.

Here is some information online about

caring for Alocasias

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