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Timing to prune oakleaf hydrangea and loropetalum, with unseasonable warmth

It's Feb 20th, 70 degrees, and I haven't yet pruned my oakleaf hydrangea or loropetalum. I know I should have done it a few weeks ago, in deeper dormancy, but I missed the boat. Is it better to prune now in the hope that I don't lop off blooms, or should I wait until it temperatures return to seasonable cold? Thank you!
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Lisa, it probably would be a good idea to do your pruning now, as in the fairly near future they are forecasting only a few seasonally cold temperature spells.  Can you do just a gentle pruning?  Unfortunately any really cold weather will probably kill a lot of flower buds. Can you cover the plants when really cold weather is forecast? This weather is so hard on the plants and probably will impact many people's blooms, as was true the last two years.  Thanks for contacting PHS. ep


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