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How do students qualify to receive reduced ticket pricing from the sponsor a student program?

I run a non-profit program in Delaware. I'm planning to bring a group of high school students to the show this Saturday. When scrolling through the ticket page, I noticed there is an option for others to sponsor a child to attend the show. Nearly all of our students come from low-income families here in Wilmington and I am wondering if they would qualify to receive reduced ticket pricing to attend the show. I figured it was worth asking if there's any way that the cost could be subsidized for our students.
Please, let me know your thoughts whenever you get the chance.
Thanks for your time and consideration.
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The "Sponsor a Student" program is one that offsets costs to pay for show tickets for students who are in schools and programs with whom we, PHS, have had a long and established relationship. Most of these schools are in Philadelphia.

If you are an educator who is looking for ways to get involved with us on a regular basis or  if you want to know what educational programming we offer -- through the Green City Teachers program or through the Junior Flower Show, please take a look at our relevant web pages:

Green City Teachers info here

Junior Flower Show info here

Thanks for asking and enjoy the Show!

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