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I was wondering if there is any history at all of Manus Gallagher owning a flower business in the 50's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

he had 2 sons, John and Donald who helped him, eventually one became a Priest and one an undertaker. Thank you very much.
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We do not have membership records from that time period.

We do not have any Flower show programs from that time period. The ones we have digitized begin in the year 1966.

You can search these programs yourself

Go here for digitized Flower Show Programs

We’ve also digitized our year books that you can search online. You can search through the ones from the 1950s.

Go here for digitized Year Books

(you'll need to open the year book up in Internet Archive and search inside the volume).

Hope this helps. Good luck with your research. You might try contacting the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. They deal with lots of genealogical questions.



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