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Hello, I have a question regarding growing persimmon.

I have 2 trees that are about 6-7 years old. I am unsure of the sex of the trees, but one of them started to bear fruit last year. However, the fruit stopped growing at some point and all fell off the tree while still green and very small. I wonder if you have any idea why this is happening and what I can do to stop this.
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Dear Gardener:  I don't know what kind of Persimmon you have:  there is an American native (Diospyros virginiana) and a Oriental or Japanese Persimmon (Diospyros kaki). The American Persimmon is grape sized.  The Japanese one is the one that is more familiar in size.  They are both polygamodioecious, which means that they are basically male or femaie, except that sometimes a tree will have a few flowers of the opposite sex!  So, you may have a male tree and a female tree, but maybe occasionally the male tree will have a few fruit! An unusual tree to say the least.  

As for the fruiting problem, the tree may be too young to support a crop of fruit or there may have been a dry period that spring. Also, if there is rain during the short time that pollination occurs, pollination does not occur properly and the very immature fruit falls. It is difficult to know what the problem was, but hopefully it will not occur again.    

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