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Information about Kudzu bugs and how to control them?

I have a new pest this year - the Kudzu bug. They are attacking my houseplants and there seems to be an infestation of them! They are so stinky and are staining my plants a brownish-red color. I cannot seem to find much information about them.
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Miranda, what a horrible new pest we have!  Don't vacuum them up.  Then your vacuum will smell awful!  With things like this I wear gardening gloves, put on a plastic bag over the gloves and catch and squash them in a paper towel .  Then I just pull the plastic bag over the paper towel, tie it shut and throw it away.  The gardening glove provides extra protection.  For permanent control that takes longer, you can use a systemic house plant insecticide that you get from the plant nursery or gardening store. But be aware that this is toxic stuff so don't get it on you or on anything you might be going to eat.  You could also cover your plants with cheese cloth temporarily but that won't solve the problem.  Thanks for contacting PHS.  ep

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