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Why is my hibiscus dying?

Can you please tell me why my yellow Hibiscus is dying after a full bloom a few days ago- my geranium too- it looks like someone ate all the beautiful red flowers and the tall trees in the back- looks like some deer chomped it off.
Can you please guide me - what to do to be a better a gardener?
Hope to hear from you.
I cannot send pictures- sorry!!
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Bela, oh my you are having a difficult time!  But perservere.  It is very possible that your hibiscus became too dried out and then when it was watered it lost a lot of leaves that yellowed because of this.  Or another problem may be that the pot doesn't have good drainage or sits in a lot of water after it is watered.  The drenching downpours were hard on many plants. This applies to your geranium too.  Could you have groundhogs?  Those darn deer!  I use Liquid Fence that really seems to work to keep the deer off.  It smells bad when you put it on but you can't smell it after a couple of hours.  It lasts at least a couple of weeks but I reapply it about every 10-14 days anyway.  Wear old clothes and gloves as it leaves a bad smell on them and wash them separately right away!  Don't give up and feel free to contact us at any time.  ep

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