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What tree is this?

There is an awful tree in another yard that my neighbors and I pay to have trimmed back off our properties each year.

I have attached pics of the leaves and 2 stages of the fruit. It drops unbelievable amounts of fruit! I clean up every morning (dog tries to eat them) and before noon there are more. If allowed to stay they appear to develop a gray fuzz (yuck). The tree consistently spreads to our entire back yards.

I have tried many apps, Leaf Snap, Arbor website, etc with no luck.
Any help would be much appreciated. I live in Philadelphia
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Your tree looks like a paper mulberry, Brousssonetia papyrifera. I’m attaching a few pages from Trees of Pennsylvania: a Complete Reference Guide by Ann Fowler Rhoads and Timothy A. Block. As the authors note “ Paper-mulberry is often found in urban areas, where it colonizes roadsides, railroad rights-of -way, and vacant lots. Native to China and Japan, it was formerly cultivated as a shade tree and has become widely naturalized in the eastern United States.”

Once you start to notice this tree, you will see it all over the Philadelphia area, as it is a “weed” tree.  Here are some Google images:



Hope this helps!

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