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Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find a specific kind of Rose.

I am descendant of John Shellem and the infamous "William R. Smith Rose" has been a legend in our family. After my grandparents passed I researched my family history to discover that the family did in fact sell a rose that went by several names, William R. Smith being one of them. I am trying to find a supplier of this rose variety that would grow well in the Philadelphia suburbs (Bucks County) Most of the varieties I have found are for Zone 7 or higher. Are there ones for Zone 6? Thank you.
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Finding a William R Smith rose that is hardy in zone 6 is a chore. I did find one reference for 6b. It appears to be a southern rose ranging from 7 to 9 in zone. However, there are many nurseries that I found with a Google search that carry the rose and one of them may know of a cultivar that is zone 6 hardy. Also, querying rose societies may help you in your search.

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