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Where to buy Wild Flowers in the Philadelphia area?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018  |  4 Views
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Cathy, wildflowers are very difficult to buy potted.  In general they don't like to be moved from where they are planted.  Your best bet is to prepare soil where you want them and direct seed them.  You can find lots of information with more specifics on the internet.  An exception are the perennial milkweeds.  Asclepias incarnata for moist or swampy areas, A. tuberosa for drier areas.  You can sometimes find these plants in nurseries but I would call around first.  They sell out fast.  Just be sure they haven't been treated with a systemic insect killer which would kill the butterflies, especially monarchs, feeding on them.  They should say : butterfly friendly or some such. ep

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