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Good ground cover for the side of an elevated sand mound septic area.

I have an elevated sand mound septic system and live in Northeast PA. I am looking for a simple ground cover for the side of the mound. I was told hard fescue is a simple grass that won't need cutting which is exactly what I need for the steep slope. I was just checking if this is a viable seed for my climate
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Dear Gardener:  Most Festuca grasses are hardy in zones 4-8.  There are some that are hardy only in zones 5-8.  I don't know where Danielsville is but I suspect you will be okay.  The northern tier, the western corner of Pennsylvania and the mountains are the areas of zone 5.  The rest of Pennsylvania is zone 6.  Since most of the Festucas are hardy to zone 4 you should be okay. 

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