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A chunk of bark was torn off a tree during a storm. Now the tree looks like it’s dying. Can I save it?

A couple months ago a large chunk of bark was torn off a tree at my moms house. I thought it would be ok, but now it is June and it looks dead. Also more bark is starting to curl away from the trunk. I’m not exactly sure which species it is, but it has alligator bark. The gap is about a 18” high and the width is 6” but growing.
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Dear Gardener:  It does not sound good for the tree if it looks like it is dead!   The water and nutrients for the tree are carried up the tree trunk just under the bark.  If enough of the bark has been stripped off, the tree will not get enough water or nutrients and will die.  The tree should have leafed out by now.   I wish I had better news!  

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