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What is Plumeria care like in Zone 7a/7b?

Hello! I bought a 3ft tall Plumeria of unknown cultivar yesterday, and while I have some very basic knowledge of them I'm not sure what care is like in my location. I am zone 7, right on the a/b border in PA. I repotted it into a grittier mix this morning as I bought it in a heavy peat soil (and it was extremely top heavy). Now that it's lacking most organic matter, what fertilizers should I be using and how often? Is Epsom salt necessary? The plant appears very healthy with big green leaves and white roots. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
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Plumerias require 14 to 15 hours of light and temperatures above 50 degrees or they go dormant. For fertilizing they require phosphorous, the middle number on the fertilizer label but much less nitrogen (1st number on the fertilizer label) as it increases growth which is undesirable if you are trying to grow a tree in a pot. Frequent fertilization can raise acid levels too high. If this happens, add 1-2 tbsp of epsom salts once a month. 

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