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How many years did the Philadelphia Harvest Show run before its last show in 2003?

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The answer to this question is in the AskPHS database and I am copy/pasting it into your answer. Please note that the Harvest Shows ended in 2002.

Since its beginnings in the 19th Century, PHS had had Fall Shows, and many of them, especially ones held in September, celebrated the season's bounty with displays of fruits and vegetables. They are descibed in year-by-year entries in James Boyd's A history of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, 1827-1927,  ( Philadelphia, Printed for the Society, 1929).

Read Boyd's History here.

The 20th century Harvest show ran 1942 - 2002

The Show we call the Harvest Show is associated with World War II Victory Gardens. They were called Victory Garden Harvest Shows and were organized by PHS and held in Philadelphia.

Then, for several years, PHS and Temple organized the Harvest Shows at Temple/Ambler  

From 1969 to 1981, PHS produced Harvest Shows at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park.

In 1982, the Harvest Show moved from Memorial Hall to the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park.

The last Harvest Show was in 2002.

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Harvest shows are also featured in Chapter 5 of The Philadelphia Flower Show (Images of America).

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