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Is it advisable to plant a Cryptomeria 'Yoshino' in the fall? We live in Narberth, Pa.

Because of our deer problem, I've chosen to replace a dying Yew with 3 Cryptomeria 'Yoshino." I've gotten several estimates and two have suggested to wait and plant the trees in the spring in April or May. One said he could plant them yet this fall with no mention of possible winter dessication. I'd rather plant them in the fall so they can settle in before the heat of summer. Is there a potential risk if I plant them this fall? Can you please advise.
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Topics: Conifers

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Cryptomeria needs to be kept well watered after it is planted.  For this reason it may be better to plant it in the spring.  Most sources recommend spring planting.

More info about Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoshino' here.

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