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What were the themes of the Philadelphia Flower Shows between 1985-1990?

I am trying to identify some photos taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show between 1985 -1990. There is a photo with a sign saying "Home Sweet Home" in one of the photos.
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Good question! Our Philadelphia Flower Show programs from 1985-1990 have been digitized and are online. By skimming through the programs, you will see the themes (they are on the program covers).

1983-1986 Flower Show programs are bound in one volume, so you’ll need to scroll through this online volume to find the 1986 program. See the first link, below.

1987-1991 (again, bound in one volume) See the 2nd link, below.

To view the volumes online, open the links below and go to the column on the left labeled “View the book” and click on the “Read Online” link. You will then be able to easily page through the volumes.

If you cannot do this online, you are welcome to visit our library to look at the print copies.  -- Janet Evans

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