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When should you plant grass seed?

My father would like to undertake a leveling project within the next week that would require moving large quantities of dirt around and planting new grass seed. He is planning on doing it where I am holding a wedding reception on September 2 of this year. I am afraid that the seed might not take and we will have a level patch of dirt. I am not doing a good job of convincing him of my worries. He believes, with the warm, dry weather that it is now or never to do this project. The location is in Elizabethtown, PA. What can you tell me about planting grass seed at this time of year and can you suggest any specific type of grass seed that would take and be ready for early September? I would appreciate any help and information! Thank you.
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Now is a good time to plant grass. The standard grass mix is probably what you have now and should continue to use. It has rye, Kentucky Blue grass and fescue and is mixed to provide an immediate cover of rye grass while the more durable grasses grow.

If all else fails, strike an agreement with your father that he will replace it with sod if the seeds don’t grow satisfactorily.

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